Opportunities for Smart Researchers

Welcome to FAU-mHealth Lab. mHealth lab is the part of Muhammad lab, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications in medicine. We are looking for researcher around the world, interested in application in medicine. We find our team virtually and the members can interact, collaborate, and spark constantly. Dr. Muhammad’s research is focused on AI, ML, and big data for early cancer detection, real-time clinical decision support for both physicians and patients, as well as AI-empowered mobile health and smart medicine. If you want to be the part of this group, please send your CV and publication list to Dr. Muhammad (wmuhammad@fau.edu).



Muhammad Lab is looking for highly motivated and creative individuals to join our lab as Post-Doc, PhD or MS leading to PhD students. For further information about the current openings, please contact Dr. Muhammad (wmuhammad@fau.edu).

There are also various undergraduate research opportunities available at Muhammad Lab. Undergraduate students who want to enhance their exposure to medical physics research should contact Dr. Muhammad directly for possible openings  (wmuhammad@fau.edu).